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Many people express a desire to learn to play piano. I frequently hear people saying they wish they had a "creative side" or could just "be creative minded." I've got news for you: everyone can learn to play piano and everyone has a "creative side."

Piano playing starts with basic piano chords, learning where to put your fingers on the keys, and learning how to read piano notes and piano sheet music. Most people that learn to play piano work on reading music first. There are various free sources online that will allow a person to do so at no cost. Some websites even offer videos to clarify music notes.

People who learn to play piano then work on learning what fingers correspond to what keys on the piano. For the best practice when you learn to play piano, you should make sure to learn this from the get-go because re-learning can be such a hassle once you fall into a certain hand placement habit. Again, numerous free websites offer guides, pictures, and videos to allow you to get your hand placement correct.

The next step in your quest to become a piano virtuoso should probably be a baby step. Now that you have a good understanding of how to read music and where to place your hands, the next logical step is putting these things together. Things can get tricky when you are reading music and playing with two hands, so most piano teachers will recommend you start with one hand and then learn the part. After you master one hand, learn the other hand separately until you have mastered that hand's part. When you think you can combine the parts together, do so, but do not get disappointed if it doesn't work right away. These things take time.

Working to learn to play piano does not have to be hard. While you will need to put time and hard work into it, piano will surely get easier for you and you will be playing great in no time at all!


If you want to learn to play piano fast, piano lessons are always a good idea, especially if you or your children want to take on a new worthwhile hobby after work or school, and develop impressive music-playing skills to impress your family and friends. The problem with this is that most of us just don't have the luxury to spend on expensive private one-on-one piano tutorials.learn how to play piano


When you're tight on the budget as it is, living paycheck to paycheck, and thinking about other miscellaneous household expenses you haven't even began to make financial arrangements for, sometimes you're just forced to forget these little extra costs simply because if you learn to play piano by hiring a private instructor, you will only make a huge dent in your savings. But that doesn't have to be the case. With online piano lessons, anyone and everyone can learn to play the piano with minimum effort and, more importantly, barely any wallet damage.

The best way to learn how to play the piano is definitely with piano lessons you'll find online. With just a few clicks, you can have access to limitless piano resources, drills, video tutorials, theory lessons, games, and much, much more. Unlike with private piano lessons, you can definitely get all these things at a fraction of the cost.

Online piano lessons are easily accessible. You can always go back to a particular module whenever, wherever you please. You don't have to make expensive calls to a private tutor if only to ask about a certain scale progression or time signature; with 24 hours customer service and website access, you can easily learn to play piano better by breezing through their frequently asked questions page, sending an email to customer support, or even chat with active users and moderators on their forum sites.

With piano lessons you get online, you can learn virtually any kind of musical style in the pace you're most comfortable with. Not just that but you will also be amazed at how systematic and organized everything is - from the theories that are explained to you thoroughly to the vast array of piano pieces you will actually learn to play.

That's really one of the best things you get when you learn to play piano online. You are motivated to be the best piano student you can be by the extreme convenience of it all.

With online piano lessons, you pick the time and the place to play. Some private lessons are so rigid and repetitive that it certainly takes the fun out of learning straight off the bat.

Remember, if you decide to learn to play piano online, you would never have to worry about spending crazy amounts of money, cramming music into your head, or feeling pressured by anything or anyone.

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